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Dear Friends and Supporters of the Budapest Summer Nephrology School,

Since 1993, and always from August 26th to September 01st, our international faculty and next generation nephrologists have enjoyed the school’s unique combination of Hungarian hospitality and the familiar face-to-face meeting atmosphere in the charming city of Budapest. We all were eagerly waiting for the happy hours of this year’s 27th Budapest Nephrology School.

But as it goes with the old saying: “Nephrologists plan, God, however, executes”. With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing and many travel restrictions still in place, it is highly unlikely that a face-to-face live meeting in Budapest would have been possible in the last week of August this year.

Our faculty was committed to convert the school into an online meeting format during four Saturday afternoon virtual sessions in September. However, we were aware of the fact that the “special thing” about BNS might be its familiar face-to-face meeting character. We therefore first reached out to the past participants of the last ten years and asked them about their opinion on presenting BNS as an online meeting instead.

Their response was very clear. Only 5.5% of the former participants thought that it was a good idea to replace our traditional face-to-face meeting with a more anonymous online meeting.

This message is well understood. We will postpone this year’s school until next year. We will be focusing on expanding the “get-together” character of the school and are hoping that next year’s event, as always between August 26th – September 1st, will be the best we have ever had!

Looking forward to meeting all of you next year in Budapest at the 27th BNS.

Best regards,

Laszlo Rosivall