„…, it is a pleasure for the International Society of Nephrology to recognize the tradition established by Dr. Rosivall and his colleagues in the heart of Europe, servicing so many colleagues in their quest for knowledge. Experts from various parts of the world have contributed to render the Budapest School into one of the best of its kind. We congratulate Dr. Rosivall on this momentous achievement.”

Jan J. Weening, Past President of ISN

„As a President of ERA-EDTA association I’m very proud that our Society is a sponsor of the Budapest Nephrology School that next year will celebrate the 10th Anniversary. The best comment about the quality of this school come from a letter I received from one of the participants at last school “I was fortunate to be one of the sponsored delegate by the ERA. I do not have any words to express my sincere gratitude to the ERA and especially you for considering me for the grant from ERA.” I do believe there are no other words to add!”

Francesco Locatelli, Past President of ERA-EDTA

„The Semmelweis University under the dedicated leadership of Professor Rosivall has developed the tradition of an annual Nephrology Summer School in Budapest… The panel of experts is impressive and has included some of the top leaders of nephrology in the world. In recognition of the high standard of this meeting, both the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the European Renal Association (ERA) co-sponsor this important event.”

Eberhard Ritz, Past President of ISN

„Great work, worth to recommend to colleagues.”

A Participant

„Over the last few years I have come across colleagues that have attended the nephrology school in Budapest and they were extremely impressed, but also colleagues desiring to participate in the future. This makes me particularly happy and proud and through this email I would like to congratulate you and at the same time thank you for initiating, organising and improving such a meeting in Hungary that promotes Hungarian medicine and culture beyond its borders.”

Dr Marios Prikis, Transplant Nephrologist at the Oregon Health & Science University,

21th BNS